What is the ketogenic diet?

photo of stairs: start keto today! The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first stepAt its most simple, eating ketogenically ("keto") means that you burn ketones (derived from fat) instead of glucose for energy. This is a completely natural state. In fact, it's the state your body automatically switches to when you don't eat between dinner one night and late breakfast the next morning. With a keto diet, you can keep your body burning fat 100% of the time. Eating this way comes with a large number of health benefits and is safe for nearly everyone.

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It's not about calories. The reason why the ketogenic diet is so effective for weight loss is because of the physiology that makes people gain weight in the first place.


Important: You may need to reduce the dose or stop some drugs on a ketogenic diet, as you may rapidly become too healthy for them. Discuss it with your doctor before you start.

High blood pressure / hypertension

The vast majority of people who adhere to a ketogenic diet for at least four months will see a lowering of blood pressure. Communities and groups are full of these personal accounts.

Other conditions

It's impossible to provide a truly comprehensive look at every condition that's reversed, managed or healed when eating ketogenically. This is brief overview of some additional conditions.


There are obviously thousands of web sites about the ketogenic diet. These few sites listed below represent the best among the best - focused mainly or solely on the ketogenic diet, including information as well as recipes and often videos as well.